Apple To Launch iPad Pro After The Recently Launched iPad Air

There is air about Apple working on another flagship device called the iPad Pro. The device would be an upgrade to the recently launched iPad Air. At the same time, Apple also released the latest line of iPad Minis, which now come with Retina display. While there was news that Apple would carry out buy-backs for their devices, some were starting to speculate that the move was to cut back on losses when the iOS was not getting the stipulated attention.


The move was a part of its strategy to gain market share, more specifically the market share that has not been captured by any of the high end phone/tablet manufacturers, Apple has decided to open an exchange scheme of sorts, the main motive being price cut on the older iPad mini model in the sub-Rs 20,000 segment to drive volume.

Apple has the range of devices that, when compared to soaring companies like Samsung is not even a fourth of their fleet, but still it has managed to stay afloat with large revenues and customers hungry for more and better devices. It recently launched iPad Air which is the talk of the town.

The iPad Air comes with the iOS 7 operating system, released on September 18, 2013. Apple published an updated chart on its developer website for the iOS App Store, which shows that iOS 7 is now on 74 percent of all iOS devices. Android has a relatively low penetration with its newer version of OSes, that is also because there have been more frequent updates to Android than iOS. The war is still on and while Android is the leader in OSes, Apple is the leader in revenue.

According to a report by International Business Times Australia, the Cupertino-based company is working on the 12.9-inch iPad with high-resolution display which would make the high resolution phones of today look like toys. The upcoming model, currently being termed iPad Pro, will come with both 2K and 4K displays.


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