Twitter May Soon Allow Users To ‘Slightly Edit’ Their Tweets

Micro-blogging network Twitter which is apparently doing well at the stock market has been considering for a long time about allowing its users to ‘Edit’ their tweets & it appears the company has made a decision favoring the option.


Twitter is soon expected to launch the option of editing one’s tweets. Following Facebook’s decision to allow its users to edit one’s posts, Twitter too will soon allow its users ‘limited’ editing functionality. Twitter is currently testing the feature that could potentially end the grammatical errors that creep in while composing a tweet within 140 characters.

How will the ‘Edit’ Button work?
The Edit Button will work in a similar way, the Facebook Edit button works, except there are few conditions laid out to ensure the editing is limited to grammatical corrections only, while the overall meaning & intention of the tweet remains largely unaltered.

Once a tweet is published, an “edit” feature will appear for a limited period of time. The feature would then allow the user to make slight changes like correcting a typo or adding/removing one or two words. However, Twitter won’t allow users to correct or alter the tweet more than once and once the user has edited the tweet, it will immediately be visible on his or her Twitter feed. Interestingly, the edited version of the tweet will also appear in case the original tweet received any re-tweets.

How will Twitter ensure users don’t spam or abuse the ‘Edit’ feature? Twitter is still considering how long the edit button will remain alive. Though Twitter wants users to rectify incorrect information before it goes viral, it certainly doesn’t want users to abuse the feature.

Twitter is presently working on an “Editorial Algorithm” to check how the edit feature is being used, that will intelligently decipher whether the user is attempting to fix minor mistakes or change the complete tweet. Essentially, Twitter wants to give users (read media organizations and original content producers) a chance to get their tweets absolutely right, before they go viral. Do let us know if you think Twitter’s attempts are in the right direction.

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