Intel Posts Growth In The HPC Market As Ancillary Tech Industry Scales-Up

Intel has proven that despite being a chip maker primarily for the PC Market, diversification can indeed help a company not only stay buoyant, but register growth too.


While the Personal Computer (PC) as well Enterprise Computing devices market has had a woeful year, US multinational semiconductor chip maker Intel Corp’s High Performance Computing (HPC) business is experiencing rapid growth in India, confirmed Srinivas Tadigadapa, South Asia Director (enterprise sales), Intel,

This year, the enterprise segment has slowed down due to the poor economic state of the country; however, HPC segment is seeing 100% growth mainly due to its requirement in areas such as weather forecasting and life sciences. This year, even the cloud services performed well,

Additionally, Tadigadapa is even more optimistic about the next year, since the company has been witnessing signs of recovery from the entire Indian Industry, “In 2014, we see signs of reversal in the demand for enterprises services as there will be demand in areas such as server consolidation,”

Why has Intel managed to stay ahead of the downward curve? The PC Market has been shrinking dangerously. The Portable Computing devices like Smartphones and Tablets have been steadily capturing not only the Personal Computing domains, but many industries too are adopting tablets in favor of relatively bulkier PCs or Workstations. This has put a lot strain on multiple companies who have been involved in making PC. Companies like HCL and Wipro have even succumbed to the trend and either restructured or moved out of making PCs.

But Intel has smartly diversified and yet managed to stay true to core expertise. Despite a small speed–bump in the Smart TV domain, overall, Intel has now started to make chips for other devices besides PCs. Using latest manufacturing standards; Intel has come up with powerful System on Chip (SoC) that are not resource hungry either. This has helped the company leverage its factories to continue making chips, albeit for different domains.

Intel being a Chip Maker can afford to tweak its processes since its Chips go into different hardware, but can Indian Companies follow a similar path?

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