DataWind Introduces Possibly The Cheapest 5″ Smartphone In Indian Market

DataWind, the company that became famous for making the ultra-affordable Android Tablet; Aakash, has possibly come-up with the cheapest large-screened Linux and Android Phones in India.


Launched under the newly formed, ‘PocketSurfer’ series, the company has brought not one, but three variants. Named, PocketSurfer5x, PocketSurfer5c+ and PocketSurfer3G5, the smartphones are priced at Rs 3,499, Rs 4,999, and Rs 6,499 respectively. Interestingly, the lowest priced handset, the PocketSurfer5x runs on a custom build of Linux. It might be essential to mention here that Android too, is an evolved version of Linux, meant for portable devices.

What can customers expect?
To make Aakash affordable, the company had compromised on many features including some of the most elementary ones like screen quality, battery, processor and RAM. This got the company in trouble with IIT Rajasthan, the institute that was bestowed with the responsibility to ensure the usability of Aakash Tablet. While the later iterations of Aakash were quite refined, DataWind has ensured that the same fiasco isn’t repeated.

The PocketSurfer5x and PocketSurfer5c+ share some features like Processor (1GHz Cortex A8 processor), but to ensure the price slab is met, the PocketSurfer5x doesn’t seem to have WiFi. Additionally, though all the three devices are Dual SIM capable, the first two don’t have 3G capability.

Why make such devices?
In his own words, Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO, DataWind explained,

The new products break the affordability barriers of smartphones and bandwidth constraints of cellular networks to deliver calling facility and internet access to anybody who can afford a feature phone. Globally, the massive shift from feature phones to smartphones is being driven by the appetite to get on the internet. We want to be an enabler for the same.

Quite evidently, DataWind is aiming at the first-time smartphone users, just like it did with Aakash, or its commercial variants; the UbiSlate. Do you think, with affordability as the primary priority, will customers commit to the PocketSurfer Series, just like they did with Aakash?


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