Twitter Beefs Up Android And iOS Apps, Allows Photo Sharing Via DM And More

Twitter has updated its mobile apps with support to private image sharing via direct message. This means Android and iOS app users of the popular microblogging site can now send and receive images through DM on both mobile and web versions of the service.


For the first time, you can share and view photos via direct message (DM) on your mobile phone. We’ve also introduced a new tab in the navigation bar that makes it easy to access DMs—they’re just one tap away from wherever you are on Twitter,” the company wrote in a blog post. Users can now send a photo with a DM by clicking the image icon on the left of the message input box. In addition to the new message type, Twitter has added a new message tab in the navigation bar that makes accessing DMs even easier.

Twitter also added the capability to swipe through different timelines on touchscreens. Your “Home” timeline is still the default, but swiping right now reveals the “Nearby,” “Discover,” and “Activity” timelines, which highlighted tweets close to you, trending tweets, and those from your friends, respectively. Android users will get the ability to receive notifications for actions from specific users by simply tapping the star on their profile, while iOS users will see new in-app notifications whenever someone interacts with one of their tweets or sends them a direct message.

The latest update can help Twitter compete with photo-sharing apps like Snapchat, Line, Viber and WhatsApp, which are meant for sharing private moments instead of displaying them in public. Twitter updated its mobile apps last month by adding search and discovery feature. It also launched custom timeline feature which displays curated tweets. Twitter recently announced that it implemented ‘perfect forward secrecy’ on its web and mobile platforms to protect user data. Hence, we think that users will not hesitate to use the latest photo sharing feature.

You can update the Android app here and iOS app here.

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