Google Experimenting With Nexus TV, ChromeCast Out?

Google appears to be experimenting with Smart Televisions again and plans to introduce an Android Powered Set Top Box (STB).


Cleverly christened Nexus TV, industry insiders are speculating the company is working hard to develop a full-fledged STB to re-enter the television market.

But Google already has a solution in the form of ChromeCast. After tinkering with multiple iterations and hardware configurations, Google had successfully developed a tiny internet streaming device that it named ChromeCast. It was, or rather still is, a very sleek device that sources televised content from multiple online repositories and allows patrons to broadcast them, on-demand, on their large screen LCDs and LED TVs. In fact ChromeCast has been one of Google’s strong products that is highly affordable and does not take a lot space, in addition to being super-easy to operate.

The world’s leading search engine has always had a very high interest in the television business. A few years ago, Google had launched a Smart TV in collaboration with Sony, Intel and Logitech. But somehow the concept failed to garner sufficient response.

What will Nexus TV Have?
The device will allow users to stream videos from Netflix, Hulu and YouTube and is rumored to support games as well. Nexus TV will be possibly launched in the first half of the year 2014. Essentially it will be an Android powered STB that will have smart features and will be usable even on “dumb” television sets.

Nexus TV eerily reminds of Intel’s attempt to get in the television business. Though Intel failed and is looking for a buyer for it’s as-yet unreleased endeavor, Google at least tasted success with ChromeCast.

Will Indians have access to Nexus TV?
Internet Streaming apart, Indians have taken a deep liking to Direct To Home (DTH) services offered by multiple providers. Additionally, the fact that Internet is still a pricey affair coupled with the fact that its availability is still a major issue, it might some time before internet based STBs become common here. What do you think?


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