Facebook Rolls Out Auto Play Video For Mobile Apps

Facebook is rolling out auto play videos to its mobile platform. The big blue social network had first announced this feature in September when it was testing it. Aimed at increasing interaction with videos uploaded on Facebook, the feature  plays videos automatically with no sound at first.


Prior to the feature, videos on Facebook showed videos similar to that on YouTube with play button. But, now these videos will play directly without any click.  Facebook has also added a setting that enables auto-play videos only to appear when a device is connected to Wi-Fi with an aim to preserve mobile data.

It must be noted that the feature is only limited to native videos, meaning those uploaded to Facebook itself or Instagram. Videos uploaded to third party websites, such as YouTube, will have to be manually played and won’t play automatically. The social network has already rolled out the auto play feature  internationally to iOS and Android users and will be soon do the same for all users.

Auto Play videos also seem a step ahead for the upcoming launch on video ads on mobile soon which Facebook announced in October. With $2.2 billion revenues in Q3, Facebook has over 1.19 billion users. Facebook currently faces tough competition from YouTube and Twitter’s Vine and the addition on auto play video might help Facebook to some extent as it will attract users.  But, again users might even get annoyed of this feature and not like it. Hence. it remains to be seen how Facebook’s billion-plus users will react to autoplay video ads.


Image Source | ibtimes

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