Facebook Makes Some New Design Changes To Its Privacy Settings

Facebook recently replaced its ‘Hide All’ button with the more succinct ‘Unfollow,’ letting users block all messages and posts from selected friends. This change comes in the wake of making the privacy settings easier to organize and a much necessary design change in a series of changes since the whole privacy matter about Facebook came into light. This means you are stillĀ friends, but updates from that person won’t appear in your News Feed. The goal of this change is to help people curate their news feed and see more of the content that they care about.


Ever since Facebook underwent a depressing IPO, the shares and the faith of stakeholders has been decreasing steadily for Facebook. The social media network has worked hard on introducing new features that would keep the company afloat by constantly attracting new customers and retaining the old ones. The UI changes, privacy changes, design changes and a lot of subtle operational changes like the news ticker, the change in the news feed and others have been visible on the website.

Facebook recently also changed their chat box design and the new one resembles an awful lot like the apple iOS chat box design from the earlier OS versions like iOS 4 and 5. The main reasoning behind the philosophy of new design has been de-cluttering, which was also the reason behind introducing the timeline. For developers, these new designs improve how the content appears in News Feed and how people can use bookmarks to reengage with apps. This attracts a lot of new page admins and advertisers who think Facebook can help their business lift off by reaching a lot of people they consider their target market. Bookmarks are now made more relevant for people and appear on every page. Bookmarks are a way for people to engage with apps, and improvements have been made so people can quickly access the games and apps they use the most.

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