Apple’s iOS 7 Registers A Penetration Of 74% Across All Apple Devices

With iOS 7, Apple went flat. The design revolution that Windows 8 started, called the flat UI popularly, or the metro design, has been adopted by the iOS in its new version. Apple published an updated chart on its developer Web site for the iOS App Store, which shows that iOS 7 is now on 74 percent of all iOS devices. The tech giant debuted iOS 7 in September, along with the launch of its new iPhone 5S and 5C. Android, on the other hand, suffers from much worse device fragmentation. Just 1.1% of Android devices are currently running Kit Kat, the latest operating system.



Handhelds are getting a lot of attention these days and rightly so; the applications they cater to are huge, they have a wide user and peer base and the work gets done easily. The smartphone has been the center of all the hullabaloo and Apple is the dark horse that seems to be winning all the major battles, be it the patent wars of 2012, the market share globally, the customer inclination towards design or just a huge product anticipation and the feel good about the device.

Apple also has a large base of developers both hardware and software (accessories and apps). Wacom has recently come out with a stylus that connects to the iPad through Bluetooth. The device is called the Intuos creative stylus and is claimed to be an aid to people doing more than just internet surfing on their iPads. This is supplemented by a lot of independent and organized developers that make apps for such accessories and Apple’s devices, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macbook.

Android has a relatively low penetration with its newer version of OSes, that is also because there have been more frequent updates to Android than iOS. The war is still on and while Android is the leader in OSes, Apple is the leader in revenue.

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