Bharti Airtel Sticks To 4G Rollout Roadmap And Launches Voice Service

Bharti Airtel appears to be committed to elevating its services to the next evolutionary pedestal of mobile communications.


After successfully pioneering the era of 4th Generation (4G) in India, the company has launched the next phase of the standard by launching voice based services on the same platform. The company confirmed the same via its official Twitter account.

Interestingly, Airtel had requested for mobile numbers from Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to test the viability and efficacy of the Voice Services over 4G. This is because 4G LTE is primarily a Network designed to ferry large chunks of Data over long distances. But one can tweak the system to carry voice as well as SMS.

To ensure Airtel’s customers always have a communications standard, the company has opted for Circuit Switched Fall Back (CSFB) technology. This technology has been specifically developed for providing voice calling facility over its 4G LTE networks in the country, especially considering ‘compatibility’. Further, knowing the vastness of the Indian regions and the huge uphill task of ensuring seamless 4G connectivity, will take a long time to execute, the CSFB technology will be able to offer voice to LTE subscribers even through Airtel’s 3G and in some cases even 2G network. Essentially, it appears Airtel has chosen the CSFB Technology to ensure reverse/backwards compatibility on all its pre-existent communications standards.

Needless to say, Airtel must have incurred heavy expenditure to develop and deploy its 4G infrastructure that will offer connectivity even via 3G and 2G. Reliance Jio Infocomm, the other company in 4G, doesn’t seem to have opted for this, because, the company never bid on 3G and chose to directly enter the Telecommunications market with 4G.

Airtel is presently offering 4G based voice communications only in Bengaluru, but it has successfully completed work on laying the infrastructure in Pune and Kolkata as well. Hence it is merely a matter of time before Airtel’s customers in these regions too will be able to talk and surf on the latest communications standard that the rest of the developed world is using.

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