Google India’s Great Online Shopping Festival Is Back This Year And Will Run For 3 Days

Last year in December, Google India attempted to get most e-commerce companies in India to participate in their Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF). The online shopping festival is inspired from Cyber Monday, a similar online consumer activity which is promoted by retailers in the US by giving good discounts to customers. Google India’s initiative from last year did generate a lot of buzz and participating retailers said that it was a success. The festival is back again this year and will be spread across 3 days from December 11-13.


The festival is guaranteed to generate a lot of buzz given the increase on online shopping over the last year. Google has been promoting and advocating online usage in the country via many such activities. It claimed that last year, the partner companies in GOSF saw massive increases in traffic and sales. However, many people and publications have pointed out various discrepancies such as discounts amounts not being significant, boring items and overcharging. This time the company is promising ‘countless discounts’ on a variety of products. We will have to wait and see how these turn out.

Intel, Airtel and PayTM are the Preferred Partners for the festival. Participating e-retailers include the wide gamut of Indian e-commerce. The landing page does not give any more information except for this.

While it is admirable that Google India is advocating for Internet usage and online shopping in the country, they and members should make sure that they are providing Indian shoppers some value. Otherwise, I think it will be repeat performance of last year.

Did you participate in GOSF last year? How was your experience?

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