Line Messenger Hits 300 Million Users, Aims For 500M In 2014

The instant messaging wars is about to reach to a whole new level with players claiming increase in user base every month. Japanese messenger Line has announced that it has crossed 300 million user mark. This means that Line has added another 100 million users since July.

line 300m

Line said that it’s now gaining a foothold in Spanish-speaking countries like Spain, Mexico and Latin America. In case of India, the messenger achieved 5 million users within three weeks after launch. In October, the company revealed that it had reached a user base of 10 million . Line also stated in an official statement that it is focusing on gathering new users in India, Turkey and West European countries including France, Germany and Italy by “conducting localized promotional activities and strengthening partnerships with local mobile network operators and device manufacturers”.

Line has adopted strategies different from WhatsApp when it comes to attracting and holding onto users. For Line, messaging is a front door to an experience that then opens up to include games, photosharing, stickers and app store, which drives downloads of its other apps, including camera and tools. In the coming year, the company said it plans to introduce new features and enhancements as it evolves into a broader mobile platform.

Globally, Line competes with popular messaging apps like WeChat and WhatsApp. In comparison, WhatsApp boasts 350 million monthly active users and WeChat is 272 million monthly active users. Also, BBM which recently launched on iOS and Android is gaining traction owing to loyal Blackberry users. It must be noted that Line has not revealed its monthly active users.


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