More Than A Third Of Registered Voters Are Online, May Steer Upcoming Elections: Google

Election 2014 promises to be one of the most widely publicized and actively debated Governmental Activity. Interestingly, unlike the past, a significant amount of chatter will take place online as per Google’s findings.


The search giant has compiled an interesting report regarding the correlations between the citizens who will control the fate of Political Parties in the General Elections to be held next year. The report titled ‘Urban Indian Voters’, attempts to unearth correlating patterns and trends in the online world with the politically aware population.

A third of the urban voters are active internet users: More than 37% of urban registered voters have a confirmed presence online. This educated demographic frequents the Social Media portals and absorbs news about the regional developments via these instant access platforms. Additionally, more than 85% of those surveyed confirmed to have exercised their right to vote in the previous elections. If that’s not all, about 2/3rd (64%) were in the highly active age group of 18–25 years.

Such statistics indicate the potential and power the Internet holds while India decides who will be the ruling government of India, shared Rajan Anandan, Vice President and Managing Director, Google India, “The findings reveal that the Internet will play an important role in influencing the large undecided urban Indian population in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. There is an opportunity for political parties and candidates to engage the urban Indian youth on the Internet. From Google’s perspective, we are already seeing a massive growth in elections related search queries.

Google’s findings corroborate with multiple other agencies and their observations. In the recent past, there have been many studies that acutely pointed out the influence internet holds, on the urban population. While rural and impoverished India may very well decide the Government, owing to the freebies the Political Parties are promising, urban India is getting acquainted about the personalities and people that have begun knocking on doors asking for votes.

Internet is a powerful medium in all aspects. But its power of persuasion and enlightenment will surely be tested or even witnessed in the upcoming elections. What do you think?

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