Amazon Buys Math Focused e–Learning Startup TenMarks

Online Shopping conglomerate Amazon Inc. has evidently signed an agreement to buy California-based TenMarks Education Inc. Founded by a couple of guys from India, the platform is primarily intended to deliver Content related to Mathematics.


TenMarks seems to have selected Mathematics as its core educational subject. It is a platform that offers web-based solutions for Teachers as well as Parents. The company attempts to offer content that helps the adults hone their skills about the subject and help them impart the acquired knowledge to their wards. Initially the program was intended for K12 Students. The layout was envisaged to be highly personal, relevant and interactive. The content was designed to be in clear, manageable format with the help of hints, video lessons and real-time quantification techniques. The company presently claims TenMarks to be used by students across 25,000 schools and 7,000 districts in the US alone.

Interestingly, the company hadn’t put forth any plans for international expansion before the announcement of being acquired by the e-retail giant. Both the companies haven’t offered any clue about the monetary part of the deal, but the entire transaction is expected to be finalized within this month itself.

Amazon’s interest in TenMarks appears clearly aimed at augmenting the content for its popular line of e-content delivery product; Kindle. The same was hinted by Dave Limp, VP, Amazon Kindle. “TenMarks’ math programs have been used by tens of thousands of schools and Amazon engages with millions of students around the world through the Kindle ecosystem. Together, we intend to develop educational content and applications, across multiple platforms, which we think teachers, parents and students will love,” he said.

Tablets and educational content share a high degree of synergy. Being portable, these miniature devices are regularly designed with a primary intention of dissipation of education. Additionally, the Digital Education Industry has been confirmed to be one of the largest money–spinners of the time. No wonder, multitude of companies are trying their luck with endeavors that have these two components built–in. With Kindle’s popularity, TenMarks surely has a promising chance to have its footprint expand beyond the US. What do you think?

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