Samsung ChatON Quietly Crosses 100 Million User Mark

Despite the rapid proliferation of multiple internet based instant messengers, Samsung’s own iteration, ChatON has quietly managed to speed past the 100 Million user milestone.


ChatON, created by Samsung’s own development team, is perhaps one of the first platforms that evolved for the feature phones which allowed users to chat with each other. Though Samsung has managed to give ChatON a boost by embedding the same in nearly all its devices, including the latest Galaxy S4 and Note 3, the company has cleverly allowed any feature as well as smartphone user, to download and use the chat app.

ChatON presently works well on almost all Mobile Operating Systems, be it Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices. It is free to download. Interestingly, the company has even managed to bundle this chat app on alternative communications devices like Samsung Galaxy Gear smart-watch and Samsung Galaxy Camera too, making it a truly unique and cross-platform operable chatting application.

Cross-platform chatting applications have mushroomed in quite a few numbers recently. Some of the notable mentions include WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Hike, WeChat and many others. Hence it seems a bit odd to witness a Manufacturer branded chatting application garnering such a high user base. However, Samsung attributes ChatON’s growth to the app’s adoption in countries like India, China and the US and the fact that it was gaining popularity in markets like Europe and the Middle East.

The newer platforms may have dampened the impact of the traditional players like Nimbuzz, Gtalk and a few others, but these applications still have a loyal user base that refuses to abandon them. Similarly ChatON, owing to its age and diligence by the company to ensure the platform stays alive, has been made available in 237 Countries and supports 63 Languages, making it a powerful medium that works not just on a variety of devices, but across multiple regions and languages too.

Despite being an older and more potent platform, ChatON still cannot compete with the likes of WhatsApp, which recently crossed 300 Million user mark or even WeChat that boasts of exceeding 100 Million users outside China. But given the fact that Samsung is presently the clear leader in smartphone sales and features the most popular Mobile OS, ChatON certainly has a future. What do you think?


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