Indian Businesses To Get Graphics Accelerated Cloud Platform As Nvidia Launches ‘Grid’

Nvidia, the company that specializes in Graphics oriented processing and visual appeal of processes and games, has announced availability of ‘Grid’, a Desktop Virtualization technique, for Indian Businesses. However, what’s interesting is the fact that this platform is entirely Cloud Based and hence companies can design and deploy graphics-accelerated virtual desktops to their employees, without worrying about the hardware capabilities at the user or client side.


Why is Nvidia’s Grid Platform important?

Cloud based applications are typically process intensive, but visually they are unappealing. These applications are deliberately designed in such a way as to minimize the overload resulting out of processing visual information. Since Cloud Computing essentially shifts the onus of actual processing on to the remote servers and uses the devices of the client as mere output displaying consoles, they are usually over-burdened and hence it makes sense to keep the visual information to a minimum to save on processing time and ultimately costs too.

However, such a technique simply cannot be mimicked for applications that work on Visuals itself, explained Pradeep Nair, Managing Director of Autodesk India and SAARC, “Autodesk is constantly looking for new ways to help companies of all sizes, creative visionaries and consumers to imagine, create and design a better world. Our users are some of the most talented artists and engineers you’d find. With Nvidia Grid, our customers can get the rich visual Autodesk experience, essentially anywhere, on any client computer they choose to use.

Applications similar to Autodesk’s need powerful back-end processing techniques that quickly process high resolution imagery and stream the same to the client’s workstation. Some of the prime areas where Nvidia’s Grid could aide Indian companies are Video and Photo Editing applications. These require very high initial investment in the form of expensive computers and high performance graphics card.

Needless to say, Nvidia’s Cloud based Grid Platform offers a Desktop Virtualization platform that not only eliminates the need to procure such expensive equipment, but allows even portable devices with limited processing power and battery life like tablets or notebook PCs to act as powerful machines. With India readily accepting the concept of Cloud based applications, Nvidia couldn’t have timed it better. What do you think?


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