Indians Now Actively Using Online Travel Options As Bus Booking Clocks 185% Growth: IAMAI

The Internet Economy Watch data by IAMAI & IMRB seems to clearly indicate the assured traction garnered by the online travel sites and associated modes of transport.

The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) has collated a number of statistics for its report puts forth an interesting outlook the people have begun to have about booking tickets and planning for traveling without leaving their workstations. Most prominent travel options seem to be the relatively low cost mode; Bus Transport. According to the report, Bus Ticket Booking managed to clock an impressive 185% growth. The comparison of traction registered in January and that observed in July clearly shows the progress this sector has made.


There were merely 0.25 Million booking instances in January 2013, whereas in just 6 months, the booking instances shot to 0.72 Million. Interestingly, not just the travel segment has gained momentum, so has leisure and hotel business too.

Due to enhanced and easier access of sites on multiple devices and companies working hard to bring out apps that make booking a breeze, even the online booking of hotels surge ahead. The hotel industry registered a growth of 135% within the same January-July period. From getting just 600,000 Bookings in January, the instances shot to 0.13 Million.

Online travel has been getting some exceptional attention from multiple players. Owing to wide applicability and instant access from desktops, tablets and smartphones alike, the travel and associated sites have been able to cast a very wide net and draw a wide range of demographics.  Though trains and to some extent planes, have a very organized booking methodology, Bus Travel is relatively quite unsystematic. Hence it is very interesting to note the growth a disorganized segment has made.

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