Social Media Week Attempts To Raise Awareness And Highlight The Impact Of The Platform

Starting this Sunday, the world is celebrating Social Media Week (SMW). The event was kick-started with an informal marathon. The SMW will see social media enthusiasts, users and companies alike participate in multiple conferences. The topics to be discussed during this event will around the impact of social media in the country. The SMW is essentially a 5-day long global conference that will be held simultaneously in 9 cities.

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Social Media is beginning to have a deep, profound and quick impact on the lives of ordinary citizens. Owing to the blazing fast proliferation and dissipation of news, citizens are now more informed about their local as well as international areas. Nevertheless, social media has carried with it various hazards as well.

Hence, the most prominent activities will include awareness campaigns about both sides of Social Media and how to effectively manage and steer oneself in the newer avenues, explained Rohit Verma and Hemant Soreng, Directors of Social Media Week Mumbai, “In developed economies, the industry has moved on from Facebook and Twitter to newer platforms such as Instagram. So we thought it would be the right time to bring the event to India and encourage users, brands and social organizations here to use newer platforms.

Even the Government, which recently took the first stride into setting up a dedicated Social Media Wing, has chosen to proactively participate in this global event.

There is no doubt that Social Media has made a mainstream entry altering the dynamics of information sharing as well as given power to the people to voice their concerns. Perhaps this SMW will enlighten more people to become an active contributing factor. What do you think?

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