India’s Broadband Penetration Is Way Lower Than World Average: Reports UN

India, as a country, still has a lot of ground to cover, suggests the latest report compiled by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The country currently ranks 112 in the world for Fixed Broadband Penetration. With broadband penetration at just 1.1 persons per 100 citizens, India is dismally lagging.  Considering that the world average is almost 10 people (9.9) per 100, India’s growth is clearly hindered.


A short while ago we had witnessed how India’s average internet speed had climbed beyond 1 Mbps. Perhaps this is the only solace to the otherwise bitter condition. In terms of simple usage, merely 12.6% population accesses Internet. This puts India even below Penetration statistics. With a Population of over 1.1 Billion, India currently stands at 145th Position in the list of the countries with respect to the percentage of individuals using the internet

Even with such lowly growth numbers, the impact of Internet in India and its growth is profound. So far Broadband Internet has given birth to 9 Million Direct and Indirect jobs or revenue sources. Judging by such outreach, even a single digit enhancement in broadband penetration, could add 0.11%, or close to US$ 3 Billion to the country’s GDP within the next two years.

Thankfully, the situation is soon expected to take a turn for the better. Public companies like BSNL and even other telecom companies are busy laying fiber-optic cables that will exponentially augment the broadband penetration to tier III and IV towns and villages. Besides the wired broadband, Indians are already enjoying reduced mobile data tariffs and to top it, the ultra-high speed 4th Generation (4G) internet standard, will soon become mainstream.

Owing to massively large and varied topography, Indians could actually benefit more from the Wireless Standard of Broadband. Sectors like Education and Medicine have already witnessed substantial improvements. However, these are still clustered and true development can happen only when individualized access is achieved. What do you think?

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