YouTube To Make Changes To App; Would Let The Users View Videos Offline

YouTube has decided to bring its users closer to the video community and in turn, closer to its content by letting them view videos without an internet connection. YouTube plans to launch this feature in November this year. It hopes that the users would take this feature in a positive stride and would be drawn more to use the app. The offline viewing capabilities would comprise of the ability of the app to cache videos for a while so that if there is a loss in internet connection, the video can still play without interruption. Copyright issues restrict downloading and storing of videos from the website. Owned by Google, YouTube has recently started featuring advertisements on its website, which was a put off for a lot of users.


The Android and iOS apps would carry the feature to cache videos for a brief amount of time. The duration of caching videos is still not confirmed. Several other new features were unveiled for YouTube Android and iOS apps users in an Aug. 20 post by Google software engineers Matias Cudich and Waldemar Baraldi. Since the acquisition by Google, YouTube underwent numerous changes in design, functionality, features and the way videos are streamed. The 20th August update let the users search whilst watching a video.

Some important changes that were included in the app were:

  • Change in Design Icons
  • Search for playlists
  • Search while playing
  • Separate (multi) windows for viewing
  • Design change in history and favorites arrangement
  • A new menu

YouTube was in a row with Microsoft when the Windows Phone maker enabled downloading of content on its devices, which led to Google denouncing the app. A lot of troubles crept in the user interface and overall experience as videos weren’t working, the app crashed and sometimes, the content was not available. Google was blocking a lot of the apps content because it didn’t comply with its policies. Even some YouTube updates were blocked by Google for the app. Microsoft retaliated that these issues were hokum and that Google’s openness had limits. There was rift between Microsoft’s app structure and Google’s demands that the app be made in HTML5.

YouTube has seen its share of piracy issues. There are numerous softwares that let you download YouTube videos and keep them on your hard drive. In the end there is one service that people love and want access to, let us hope this update achieves that.


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