Mobile Advertising Gains Momentum As Users Enjoy Better Connectivity

Mobile Based Advertising has been getting considerable attention this year. In fact, Mobile Ad Spend has jumped about 1.5 times as compared to a year earlier.


According to the data released by Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), Indian companies have become comfortable in promoting their products and services via advertising techniques aimed squarely on the mobile screen. While last year, companies collectively spent about Rs. 180 Crores (US$ 28 Million), the figure is expected to jump beyond Rs. 300 Crores (US$ 47 Million) by the end of this year.

Considering the fact that barely a year and a half ago, this figure was a paltry Rs. 50 Crores, it is amply evident that the Mobile Ecosystem is about to get a whole lot richer by serving meaningful ads and deploying customer engagement exercises. Still, Mobile Ad Spend is a dwarf when compared against the overall advertising spend, pegged at Rs. 3000 Crores (US$ 473 Million) currently.

The growth in Ad Spend is evidently due to the increase in access to Mobile Internet and sheer number of wireless connections in existence today. The mobile population is set to breach 900 Million and could swell beyond 1 Billion. Surprisingly, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are at the forefront of exploring these promotional techniques to further their business, though ironically, there is no set mechanism to measure their exact contribution. There is now a pressing need to develop mechanisms to measure their contribution and impact, suggested the report.

The key areas where Mobile Ad Spend is witnessing an upswing are Internet Advertising, Online Classifieds, and Gaming. This is directly attributed to the fact that Smartphones are now selling more than feature or basic phones. This further correlates to an increasing number of people who access internet on the go and the applications, games and mobile optimized sites can then be adequately monetized via ads.

Do you think modern mobile users are getting bombarded with advertisements?

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