Nokia Ceases Desktop Access To Its Music Services And Opts For Mobile-Only Model

Nokia has evidently ceased to allow access to its Music Streaming Service from desktop computers. The company’s services will now be accessible only via smartphones.

Nokia’s official and legal music streaming service, Nokia Music is not available if anyone tries to access the same from desktops. However, the portal works well if the same is accessed from Nokia phones. This was expected as in late 2011, Nokia had announced that it was shifting to a mobile-only Nokia Music subscription plan, clarified a Nokia Spokesperson,

We were running the website and desktop client in maintenance mode as per global Nokia Care policy. We had shut down desktop downloads in December 2011 and moved to mobile only subscription plans since then. However, users who had subscriptions before that were still being supported. But with those subscriptions coming to an end, we removed the placeholder site yesterday. Users can still subscribe to and get unlimited online and offline music on their Nokia phones

Nokia Music

Even though the service was being molded into a subscription, this move is indeed a big disappointment to people who prefer to consume their media in high quality. Nokia’s mobile-only service offers songs in low bitrate that is barely enough to listen only via headphones. The desktop compatible version offered multiple choices of bitrates and listeners could easily save these DRM Free music files in high quality.

In order to ensure that the company stays true to its marketing campaign ‘Download Any Song In Under One Minute’ Nokia has severely curtailed the quality of the music. So far there is no news as to whether Nokia will allow download of songs in higher bitrate.

Despite a great and restriction-free service, do you think Nokia Music could survive without offering a choice between quality and speed, especially in this age where high speed 3G and 4G are prevalent?

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