Jaguar Land Rover’s InControl Apps To Offer Smartphone Based Interactivity

Recreational and Premium Car Maker Jaguar Land Rover is attempting to offer enhanced interactivity with their vehicles. Interestingly, it has chosen to offer the functionality via standard Smartphone Apps. In order to boost in-car connectivity between the driver/passenger and the vehicle, the company has started the process of contacting app developers who will make use of pre-existent on-board telematics and infotainment systems.


These systems will be allowed to interface with the apps and the entire ecosystem has been branded as ‘InControl’. Set to be a standard add-on feature in the new 2014 Jaguar and Land Rover models, InControl has been jointly designed with Bosch. Essentially, the system is being created in the hope of enhancing the appeal and functionality of the dashboard and offer enhanced functionality that is much higher than merely conveying vital stats of the vehicle.

What can users expect: Apart from proclaiming to “Launch a new era of in-vehicle app connectivity” the company did not divulge details, but the vehicles that leave the production lines of such companies are often equipped with state of the art computer control and guidance systems. These system simply need to be connected with the smartphone via some standard of wireless connection (Bluetooth / WiFi) and the apps are surely being designed to make sense of the raw data and present the same in human-understandable form. These smartphone apps will be available free of cost for Android as well as iOS and the company says it is already working on remote update procedures to ensure that both the apps as well as the counter programs within the vehicle stay updated.

Smartphone integration is not a completely new technique. In fact, a while ago we even saw how a taxi company was using these devices to offer self-driven cabs to passengers. However, such systems are yet to be implemented within mainstream variants of popular Car Brands. Do you think car makers will make such features available for their models released in India?

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