Google Promotes Contributor Acknowledgement With Author Attribution And Embedded Posts

Google is attempting to give a significant boost to content contributors and has accordingly added not one but two critical features; Author Attribution And Embedded Posts. According to the official blog, these features will offer direct organic promotion of the content and then allow contributors to grow their audience.


Authors across the world regularly churn out useful information, news and other media. In order to ensure they get appropriate credit and recognition for their work, Google has added these features. However, a Google+ subscription is not only mandatory, it is crucial that content generators actually use their Google+ credentials to log-on to the content contribution platforms like WordPress.

Author Attribution is essentially content creator promotion program that will closely integrate the contributor’s Google+ Profile and the generated content. Thereafter, when the content comes-up in relevant searches, the search results will have authors’ name, picture and/or a link to their Google+ profile. Though currently only WordPress and Typepad are the supported platforms, Google is working to add support to other services like, WikiHow, and Examiner. In the long-run Google hopes that authors will link their Google+ Profiles to these content hosting sites and the Search Results for majority of the keywords will have their respective authors beside it.

Interestingly, Embedded Posts is the exact opposite of Author Attribution, but works for the same goal. Subscribers regular contribute directly on Google+ With embedded posts, site owners can now add their public Google+ posts, be it text, audio, video, images, to their web pages- as a primary source, or simply highlight their point of view.

Google+, the Social Media portal by the search company Google, has been growing gradually. Essentially assumed to be a clone attempt, to replicate the success experienced by Facebook, Google+ was however, nowhere close. But, these features can indeed help in striking a synergistic chord with its subscribers as more number of users would like to have their contribution acknowledged and reader base augmented. What do you think?

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