Internet Behemoth Google Turns 15!

Who knew that Google’s debut on September 4, 1998 would change the World Wide Web forever. The internet giant has come a long way since its debut by duo Larry Page and Sergey Brin in a small garage.  Many of you might not know this but Google was originally called as ‘BackRub’ and was started by duo in 1996. But after two years, they incorporated the new company, changing the name of the product to Google – a playful misspelling of the word googol – a number followed by 100 zeros, evidently referencing the number of results the search engine provides.


Today Google has become synonymous with internet searching and is widely used as a verb. You will agree with me on this as these days a question is answered by mere two words – “Google it”.  The company which initially started as a garage startup has snowballed into a an internet giant in 15 years with over 70 offices in more than 40 global locations,  with its headquarters – known as the Googleplex – in Mountain View, California, US.  Started by two visionaries the company as of June 2013  had 44,777 full time employees.

Its size and reputation grew rapidly in the first few years, with three billion web documents on Google’s index by December 2001. The firm which kick started as a search engine eventually proliferated into a phenomenon with innovations like Google Maps, Gmail, StreetView, Translate, Chrome, Drive and so on. Google has been at the forefront of digital advertising. In fact, the company captured 52 % of global mobile ad revenue in 2012.

 Offcourse we cannot miss our beloved funny, smart and sometimes interactive Google Doodle’s.  The first doodle which showcased in 1998 was about the Burning Man Festival.  Today Google has a team of designers and engineers especially to design doodles that go beyond simple artwork to include video, sound and even interactive games.

However, one thing that has remain unchanged over the course of 15 years  is Google’s homepage which looks almost similar to that in 1998. Google has been the inventor of world class products like Android or the upcoming Google Glass which aims to offer voice-activated hands-free connectivity through a wearable device. Want to know a quick fun fact about Google,  founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin own just 16% of the company and that 16% gives them a combined net worth of around $46bn!  Here are some more cool facts about the company. Also check out this infographic to know more about Google.  Or should I say ‘Google it’!


Image Courtesy |  martinkovac

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