Future Group Announces Direct Selling Platform Big Bazaar Direct

Future Group’s Big Bazaar has come forth with an concept to drive its sale via the e-commerce route. The company’s new initiative Big Bazaar Direct will work to create a Direct Selling Platform by deploying Franchisees who will operate the platform, via Tablet Computers. Big Bazaar presently doesn’t have a dedicated e-commerce platform yet but customers can still choose to order from the convenience of their homes via phone. Hence the Future Retail Ltd arm has apparently tried to come-up with such an alternative.


Entrepreneurs, who wish to be part of the Franchisee team can simply fill out a form and a standard KYC (Know Your Customer) documentation along with application fee of Rs. 1000. If approved, these franchisees will have to deposit Rs. 3 Lakh and in return Big Bazaar will provide a tablet, branding and promotional material. Customers will receive a confirmatory SMS and the goods will be delivered once the franchisee confirms receipt of payment.

Why not a standard e-Commerce platform?

Popular direct selling companies like Amway and Tupperware have experienced success in such a model. Big Bazaar reasons that such a platform doesn’t require the users to have a PC or any other internet enabled device to purchase from the company. In the past we have seen similar attempts from retail brands that wished to enhance traction in the rural regions.

This could be precisely the ulterior motive of Big Bazaar. Additionally, the physical stores witnesses a huge rush on weekends when regular customers drop in for monthly purchases and the stores have to handle a long line of customers at the payment counters. With these franchisees, customers could simply buy their regular merchandise and pay the person.

Do you think, with presence of many online e-commerce portals selling the exact same products, customers will switch to this model?

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