Spuul Makes TV Shows Available For Consumption Just 30 Minutes Post Broadcast

Spuul has put forth an option of letting viewers access televised content, just 30 minutes post their broadcast. The company has presently tied-up with Star Network and TV Shows from Star Plus and Star TV will now be made available for online streaming.


Online content consumption is on the rise in India. Owing to large screened devices like Phablets and Tablets, supported by high speed data networks like 3G and upcoming 4G, viewers are no longer mandated to follow the TV Network’s show timings. But this offering puts forth a whole new level of convenience. Earlier there was significant delay or in many cases, complete uncertainty as to when televised shows would be available for online consumption. This forced viewers to either synchronize their time to the network or record the show and watch it later. Furthermore, owing to lack of knowledge about recording, viewers meekly chose to wait for their favorite serial to be aired.

Along with subscription based charges, it is evident that Spuul wants to appease advertisers and ensure the platform generates steady revenue via the ad-supported model.

Online streaming segment has been gathering steam and content producers and distributors alike are now actively seeking avenues to recycle such content. But with such a short time-frame, will viewers now watch TV or prefer their internet enabled devices?

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