Vodafone To Award NSN 2G And 3G Network Upgradation Contract Worth $ 200 Million

Vodafone India is likely to soon award a huge contract worth US$ 200 Million (Rs. 1340 Crores). The most likely company to bag this will be Finland’s Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN). The massive budget allocation is meant primarily to upgrade the company’s 2G and 3G Networks across India.


Finland based NSN has been Vodafone’s Mobile Infrastructure and Managed Services Delivery partner for quite some time and will be asked to upgrade 19, 2nd Generation (2G) and 6, 3rd Generation (3G) networks within the country. NSN will be responsible towards complete overhaul including supply and fitment of enhanced capacity base stations, core network systems and network switches as well.

Vodafone clearly appears to be making room for the surge in data-intensive operations that Indians are now increasingly getting accustomed to. Interestingly, Vodafone has carefully engineered this tilt in the usage pattern, when it slashed 2G Data rates by over 80%. It is even trying to spruce up 3G usage. Hence it is a clearly predicated pattern and Vodafone will surely attempt at ensuring customers get access to seamless data network, within major areas of India.

Shouldn’t Vodafone focus on 4G?

4G has already entered India. Agreed, that other countries like UK and US already have ultra-high speed 4G LTE, which is capable and allowed to ferry voice too, while India’s 4G Networks are currently offering data only and that too via USB Dongles. But this will change next year when two players; Reliance and Airtel introduce their 4G based services which, thanks to India’s altered reasoning, will also have Voice Calling and SMS along with many other possibilities.

However, the bitter truth is that Vodafone hasn’t bid and secured 4G airwaves. Hence it oddly makes sense to ensure that the present network is robust enough to offer uniform coverage, albeit at a slower data speed, rather than having a high speed network with is patchy and restricted to metros. What do you think?

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