Nokia Allows 5 Countries Including India To Participate In Its DVLUP App Development Program

Nokia, is now working hard to garner support and traction for its phones by encouraging developers and testers to join the DVLUP Program. This program  will allows developers from 5 additional countries, including India, to participate in the multiple developmental activities and win incentives.

Essentially a Developer Rewards Initiative, the DVLUP endeavor is meant to boost Nokia’s efforts to bolster the app ecosystem. Developers who participate in the various contests and coding activities are eligible to earn and subsequently redeem points for multiple awards like Nokia Phones, accessories, special promotional activities and more.

DVLUP   Welcome

Why is Nokia deploying such a fun, yet elaborate endeavor?

It is absolutely clear that Nokia can only offer the initial boost to the sales of the phones. Their real driver is the size of the app repository. The core evaluation certainly includes how many apps are currently present in the respective app stores and how much support does the company enjoy from App Developers.  Nokia is keen to get apps developed for its Windows Phone and more importantly, for its Asha full-touch phones. The company is currently struggling to enhance support from the masses to come forth and employ their skills to develop apps and bolster the company’s app repository.

Additionally, the company has been busy with launching new phones within all possible price brackets. While the Asha Series Phones are meant for first time adopters, the Lumia Series is for extensive smartphone users.

The DVLUP site is free for Developers and is complete with a leaderboard and a rewards store. Now that India is officially included, it will be interesting to see the traction that the site will receive.

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