Reliance Jio And RCom To Enhance Joint Efforts For Accelerated 4G Rollout

It appears companies are pulling out all stops to the next 4th Generation (4G) of mobile telephony happens as soon as possible. Reliance Group Chairman Anil Ambani, confirmed an enhanced collaborative roadmap with Jio infocom. RCom is presently headed by Anil Ambani and operates an extensive network of intra-city cables that offer high speed connectivity over large distances. Additionally, it also has one of the largest clusters of telecom towers that offer the last mile connectivity between the telecom company and its individual customers.

Now RCom has already signed an agreement to lease both the networks to Reliance Jio.


Why is Reliance Jio so keen to receive such help?

Reliance Industries is the only company in India to have a comprehensive pan-India license for offering seamless 4G Services. Hence, while Reliance Industries has the license to operate, RCom has the necessary infrastructure ready for deployment. Leasing RCom’s equipment to Reliance Jio Infocom, the sub-company entrusted with 4G, can speed-up the last-mile connectivity. The pre-existent infrastructure is additionally being augmented by deliveries of fibers and towers.

When can we expect 4G?

Though the infrastructure is ready, the protocols are still being worked-on. Even other companies like Airtel are working hard to affix methods and technologies that will offer uniform 4G coverage all over India. Besides, 4G standard has now been allowed to carry Voice too. Though this opens up a whole new usage for the Data intensive network, it complicates the deployment.

Another reason that RCom is interested in Reliance Jio is the fact that Data has been confirmed to be the next revenue generation medium. RCom has been witnessing a shift in consumer behavior revealed the Chairman and enhancing ties with Reliance Jio can certainly secure RCom’s alternate source of income.

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