Microsoft Releases Win8.1 Update For PC Manufacturers

Microsoft has been finding it hard to find a firm footing in the new paradigm where smartphone computing is pervasive and where traditional operating software is no longer the king of the market. The software manufacturer still is on the cusp of something new in the PC business; it has released its update for the new Win8, called the Win 8.1 for PC manufacturers. The update is only for PC manufacturers but the OS itself is waiting release on October 18 of this year for end users.


Microsoft faced heat from the end user when it released its earlier versions of the “touch friendly” windows 7 and windows 8. Stemming from the original windows RT, developed for tablets and touch devices, Microsoft has been looking for a breakthrough in the software scene, the reasons for which are many. Android controls the handheld device market. PC business in itself is not the cash generator as it was a decade ago. Almost every PC manufacturer is going the handheld device way. The surface tablet failed to take off and a majority of device owner’s loyalty is divided between either Apple or Samsung.

Collaborations like Nokia and HTC got the OS some footage. Nokia recently released Lumia range devices for the mid-range (Lumia 520 and Lumia 620) which run Windows 8. The devices are aesthetically pleasing and have fast processors and good amount of RAM but the app side of the story takes it down. The number and variety of apps available for the device are a tenth of what Android could offer, however, more numbers are constantly being added and the popular ones are available.

The emphasis would be on cloud connectivity and better internet browsing as the new update will include Internet Explorer 11. The company released a newer version of Xbox, the Xbox one quite some time ago, which lets the users run game on the cloud. Microsoft released the earlier version of its Windows, Win8 approximately 10 months earlier.

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