Facebook Makes Changes To Contests And Promotion Policies For Brands

Facebook has announced that it has now made changes to its policies when it comes to promoting contests on Facebook Pages.


First off, the company is removing the stringent guideline which demanded that all brand contests would have be executed via an app. Violation of this would result in a page deactivation if it came to Facebook’s notice.  This is now not the case any more.

Brands can now hold contests on brand timelines in addition to doing it via apps. You can collect contest entries via comments on a post or posts on the page. You can also get users to send their entries by messaging the page admin. Likes on a post can be counted as votes, depending on the nature of the contest and the updates. These new terms are only limited to brand pages and brands cannot administer promotions on personal timelines.

However, some additional restriction have been placed on brands by the new terms. Brands can’t tag or encourage tagging of people in images and updates, in which the users are not personally depicted. All promotions which use this mechanism are not allowed.

Facebook’s policies when it comes to brands and social media marketing keep evolving and changing. This new guideline seems to be geared more towards small businesses as not many of them can afford to develop an app to get run a promotional contest. Managing promotions for huge brands with many fans on the timeline will be a cumbersome affair in addition to the clutter that this will cause on the timeline. They should stick to doing contest via apps.

You can read Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines here.

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