Digital Channel Trendspotters.Tv Aims To Spot Emerging Trends

The internet and its relevance have been immense. Now a team is trying to systematically employ the waves detected in the digital and physical realm and report about it online. At the recently concluded media event APREE 2013 at Riviera De Goa, Smartube Entertainment Pvt. Ltd has launched the website

The portal is touted to be a first-of-its-kind internet based reporting platform that will make consumers aware of emerging trends exclaimed Kunal Kishore Sinha, Founder, Trendspotters, “We are glad to launch India’s first digital TV which promises to be an exciting platform for next generation consumers whose lives are driven by upcoming trends- be it fashion, music, sports, entertainment etc. In the initial phase, we have launched trends for Music, Fashion & Entertainment, and going ahead, we will be extending content pertaining to Sports, Advertising and Consumer technology

We gave the platform a quick visit and it appears to be a collative engine that aims to engage its target audience with multimedia content about various topics that include, tech, fashion, food and almost all the activities that fashion conscious youth of today craves. The site is aimed squarely at the upwardly mobile audience. The site claims to bring out a cluster of micro trends every day for the new age audience who take inspiration from out-of-the-ordinary discoveries.

Today’s mobile youth is increasingly tuning to the Social Media to gather all possible information. Utilizing Google’s YouTube, Trendspotters has effectively created an entire niche website that it hopes to gain traction from multiple channels and sources. Sometimes back we had seen YouTube launching dedicated channels. Well, the site appears to have taken the concept to a whole new level. Do check it out and let us know your views.

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  1. August 30, 2013 at 1:36 pm #

    Iam very glad to see such a good post fro you side.As the swift in growth of emerging markets gives millions of consumers new investing power, those consumers are coming across a marketing environment every bit as sophisticated and swiftly evolving as its equivalent in developed countries. Product choices and communication channels are exploding so is the potential of digital platforms and as everywhere, consumer improvement is on the rise.

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