More Than 50% Of Video Viewers Prefer Their Mobile Screens Confirms Sony LIV

The video content consumption has been ascending in the recent times. But, the primary driver for the same, aren’t large-screened tablets or powerful computers, but the Mobile Phones. A combined two-quarter results announced by, an Online Entertainment destination, owned and operated by Multi Screen Media (MSM) indicates, from the total viewership of videos, about 53% of viewers routinely use their mobile phones to access content.  Sony LIV dug into their user data and was able to come with such an emerging trend.

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The Genders are almost tying-up:

Gone are the days when male population far outnumbered the female demographics. Though males still comprise a market-commanding 53%, the female population is at 47%. This is coincidentally still far higher than the overall Internet video consumption in India. The national average still appears to be highly male dominant as the ratio still is 71:29, male to females. One important aspect that the report seems to have subtly indicated that though teenagers still command a huge majority (46%), the older generation, typically beyond the age of 44% too, have slowly started warming up to the concept of viewing videos or entire shows online. Content generation and publishing companies can now confidently go forth and create content that appeals to this newly discovered and slowly growing demographic.

The content will have to be summarized:

Online content consumers have shown a heavy inclination to shorter versions, typically known as Catch-up episodes, Quickisodes and Short crunch episodes. Hence publishers have now the added responsibility to shrink the full-fledged episodes, if they wish to enhance the consumption via online channels. Video consumption frequency and duration has increased: Online advertisers and digital ad agencies will surely be happy to know that the duration and frequency of videos being watched has gone up. Additionally, lunch times and duration immediately after prime-time (9-11 PM), is the peak time.

Check out the infographic:

Infographics newsletter (August 12, 2013)

Video Consumption has interestingly never fallen slack or plateaued. Furthermore, with the recent reduction in Data tariffs, the trend should receive an additional boost. Do you think ad instances will now start to rise while watching videos online too?

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