Bharti Softbank Launches Gaming Studio TinyMogul

BSB has launched a new gaming venture for the Indian market called TinyMogul . What seems to propel this venture is the impressive team includes the co-founder of FindYogi, members of the founding team of Zynga India, and a couple of senior techies from Zynga.

Tiny Mogul Games   A small studio with big ambitions

Based out of Bangalore, TinyMogul already has two games live; SongQuest, a music trivia game and Shiva, a running game.

It is assumed that the delay in the launch was in fact intentionally orchestrated. BSB has been a supporter of Hike; an Internet based mobile messenger service. In fact Hike has been the recipient of financial support from BSB and others and in turn has shown impressive promise with significant traction. Hence BSB felt obligated to support the company and in turn, TinyMogul had to take a temporary time slag.

Though BSB is a little more than a year old, the JV, backed with two powerful entities, has managed to dip its hands in multiple segments and has successfully lifted the endeavors. The first beneficiary endeavor was Y2CF Digital Media, which compiled the location-based app Hoppr. Incidentally BSB holds a 49% stake within the startup. The second venture was more personal as the JV collaborated with Yahoo Japan for a regional mobile portal and third was Hike. Even e-Com portal Snapdeal scored a substantial backing from BSB.

Bharti Enterprises has gathered deep local market intelligence with its multiple initiatives. Japan’s Softbank too is a heavy weight player.

Let’s see how well these endeavors forge ahead.

Source | Techcircle

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  1. Neeraj Vaishnav
    August 26, 2013 at 3:16 pm #

    Very Interesting development. Would like to see how it goes. A curious question:What sort of challenges will they face to crack the market?

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