YouTube Updates Android App With Refreshed UI, Multitasking And More

YouTube for Android has been updated with several new features that makes the app fast and powerful. The latest 5.0 updates brings card faced interface which was first favored by Google Now. Users can open the guide from anywhere in the app if they want to quickly view their subscriptions and feeds. However, one of the best feature the latest YouTube update get is in-app multitasking. This means that you can minimize a playing video while you browse through the rest of YouTube. Additionally, while watching a video on the app, you can swipe it sideways to dismiss it or drag it back up and hit the small window. The new gestures only work in portrait mode on smartphones, but they are available in both orientations on tablets.



Users can also now give videos a thumbs up or thumbs down, or flag it, without having to expand the video description. Additional tweaks include a reworked slide-out navigation, quick access to history, favorites, playlists, uploads and watch later directly from the slide-out menu, and the ability to search for playlists. The update also allows shifting the HD and CC buttons into their own menu. You no longer have to switch to landscape mode to toggle HD playback. The application also follows the global rotation settings.  The app also supports auto generated playlist feature that enable you to play through your existing playlists, or search channels for other people’s playlists and watch them right from your Android phone or tablet.

Google hasn not officially pushed its latest YouTube app update out to all Android devices, but the APK has made its rounds for those who can’t wait thanks to Android Police.The app version is 5.0.21 and will be available on your device via the Play Store over the next few days. Earlier this month YouTube added life streams and other options to its channels. Last month the Google owned video platform invested in video music site Vevo.

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