Online CashBack Startup Cashkaro Adds A Restaurant Section To Its Services

CashKaro, the startup that offers attractive cashback, coupons and discounts on e-commerce transactions that are routed through its website, has announced a new addition to its services. This one seeks to offer CashKaro’s users discounts on their bills at restaurants in Mumbai and Delhi. The company says that its users can avail up to 30% discount on their food and drinks bill at the restaurants that they have partnered with.


Getting discounts on these restaurants is a pretty straightforward process. You will have to view the list of partner restaurants and see what kind of deal they are offering. If you have settled on something, then you can make a reservation at the restaurant via CashKaro. The service will send you a confirmation code, which you have to show when you visit the restaurant. Cashkaro does not limit its new service to discounts and also offers freebies, 1+1 deals, discounted fixed price menu etc.

Partner restaurants include Out of the Box Cafe, Coriander Leaf, Striker, Moets Shack, Claridges in Delhi and establishments like Pot Pourri, Veda, Salt Water Cafe, Miro and others in Mumbai.

Previously, we profiled Cashkaro and noted the massive scale it needed in terms of users to sustain its business model. While they do have the right kind of hook for the modern Indian online shopper, it ultimately comes at the cost of existing e-commerce companies. Indian e-commerce is currently in a situation where every major player is raising additional funds and waiting out for the competition to wither and thus emerge as the last service standing, exactly like Amazon in the previous decade. When that happens, Cashkaro will probably not have that many options as it does now. In terms of long term sustainability, this is a potential problem. That is why their addition of a restaurant section makes sense to me. While Facebook fans are not always an indication of the actual number of users because of the inorganic spends that companies are prone to do, the service does have 2 lakh Facebook fans, a number they claim to have reached in 4 months. This could mean that the adoption of the service is growing at a good pace.

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