Voice Of BigData To Soon Unveil ‘Facial Signature’ Solution

Voice of BigData, a US based data analytics and business solution firm has announced a unique ‘facial signature’ solution that can create a digital signature for people’s faces. The company which will set up its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Hyderabad is planning to launch this flagship product  before the next quarter.


The report stated that the company  has already invested 200,000 US dollars in the project and is looking to invest 600,000 US dollars by March 2014 and  1.4 million US dollars by March 2015 .  The firm claims that the accuracy of ‘Facial Signature’ is around 90% and that it can generate equivalent digital signature by using some 80 nodal points on the face. Giving insights about the solution, B. L. V. Rao, Chief Technology Officer of Voice of Bigdata said,“Barring 16, the remaining 64 nodal points on the face are unique to a person. Once we enter this in the database, we can easily identify them if they come again to a place”.

Voice of BigData which currently has 65 employees consisting of 20 data scientists is planning to hire 80 more data scientists by the year end. The company which is beta testing the facial signature solution at present will first launch it in the US market. The main use if the solution would be to help police and investigating officials to identify criminals using the data analytics tools. Chief Executive Srini Kishan claimed to have three clients in the US and helped a few police stations to solve their cases within a few hours with the help of the facial signature solution.

We know a lot about ‘Facial recognition technology‘ which is growing rapidly. Last year we reviewed a facial recognition app Klik which was developed by biometric identity firm Face.com. This firm was then bought by Facebook last year for about $60 Million. It will be interesting to see how will the facial signature solution fare in India.

Image Courtesy |  blog.viewsonic

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