MTNL, Pune Traffic Police And Janwani Websites Hacked By Pakistani Hackers

Social media sites and official websites have become vulnerable to cyber attacks. Last month the Syrian Electronic Army hacked TrueCaller app due to which over 1 million Indian users were affected. This time hackers have targeted official websites of the Pune Traffic Police, local NGO and state-owned telecom operator Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL). The hacking attack was done by a group of Pakistani hackers that are suspected to be operating from Australia.


The hackers left an abusive message for the Indian Army, media and the public at large on the eve of Independence Day. All the three websites had the following message on their website after the hack, “MrCreepy Was Here. Napsters CrEw. Happy Independence Day Pakistan.http://Facebook.Com/m3creepy. Greets: SEEKER, Dr.FREAK, MKHAN SWATI, And All Pakistani Hackers :D.” He also posted another message saying, ’‘Lol Just rooted MTNL Server – feeling excited”.

The hacked sites also carried a picture of a young Pakistani posing with an inappropriate hand gesture and face painted with the colour of Pakistan’s national flag, with Indian soldiers holding the tricolour standing in the background. At the time of writing this post none of the websites were working.

Hacking group Anonymous had, last year, disrupted MTNL’s corporate web site to protest against “censorship” of internet in the country. Also, Union Minister of Communications and Information Technology Kapil Sibal’s official website was also hacked in December last year. In July this year Government unveiled National Security Policy to deal with various levels of cyber threats. A recent report also suggested that total number of security attack on Indian government websites has come down in 2013.

I believe that security measures related to cyber attacks should become more stronger as internet and smartphone uses rises in India. The country is unable to cope up with this explosion of internet and is therefore becoming vulnerable to such cyber attacks.

Image And Story Source|  vccircle

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