Make Indian Politicians Accountable For Their Jobs; Rate Them On

The race for elections is heating up, what with Indian politicians from one camp mouthing off about the inadequacy of those in the other camp. The time is perfect for the Indian people to reject such noise in favor of accountability. A innovative new website is thus the need of the hour. This website’s whole premise is to make politicians accountable for their public jobs and to get a crowdsourced opinion on whether they are carrying out their responsibilities properly.


Founded by Ankur Garg, the website came into being because he wondered by politicians are not being graded for their work by the Indian people. We keep hearing about scams and more scams and public opinion hardly reaches to the point where it can question such actions and put it out for the record. Citizens and media have a short term memory in general and everyone forgets such things after enough time has passed. What if you could keep record about a politician and see his/her grade over the years of their service record? That would be perfect, wouldn’t it?

The website lets you search for States, CMs, MLAs, MPs and Assembly Constituency. I put in ‘Mumbai’ and got a list of people who are responsible for the different sections of the city. It is not a comprehensive list yet but given the nature of the endeavour, it is marvelous effort nonetheless.


You can view an individual politician’s report card and this is how it looks.


You may ask that how can the website guarantee that the ratings are not faked, given the nature of today’s politicians and their clout on social media. The website requires mobile phone verification while signup and thus makes it harder for anyone to game the system.


All in all, this is a superb initiative by Ankur and we should support him and his team to make politics more transparent and politicians more accountable.

Website | iForIndia

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2 Responses to “Make Indian Politicians Accountable For Their Jobs; Rate Them On”

  1. prakhar sharma
    August 19, 2013 at 4:33 pm #

    I know this is a good step and all that jazz but I am scared for the founder’s health. What if the govt. tables a bill saying “you can’t write parties’ name on your websites” or “talking about politicians is anti Indian”

    TOI back in the day released report cards for upcoming politicians who applied for ticket and eventually went on to run for posts of MPs and MLAs

    Nothing happens. A crowd sourced opinion resulting into amassed grudges that’s all. I just hope it creates awareness among people and they know who is functioning in their constituency.

    • Denzil
      August 19, 2013 at 4:39 pm #

      If such bills are tabled then citizens should fight it. TOI’s efforts can be improved upon. Increased participation by citizens will make the website safe. Apathy will be the only factor resulting in this site’s decline and ultimate failure. Nothing else.

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