Twitter Introduces Twitter University; Acquires Open Source Learning Company Marakana To Lead It

Twitter has announced the launch of a new initiative called Twitter University which is intended to be a learning resource for engineers in the company. Although, the University offerings are currently restricted to Twitter’s employees, the company has said that it will be open for the public after some time.


To lead this new initiative, the social network has acquired an open source learning company, Marakana. They were initially working together on building an internal education resource tool and Twitter then decided to acquire them.

So what’s the big deal here?

Well, making Twitter run is an incredibly difficult task. The infrastructure had to be custom built to handle the billions of tweets that users send everyday. If you have been a Twitter user since the last few years, you will remember the familiar Fail Whale, an indication of service outage or downtime. The service at the time was running on the edge so to speak and the users/adoption kept growing. Managing and scaling the infrastructure has been the most difficult part of Twitter. You can see the whole infrastructural process in this post [slightly technical].

Well, running such a setup requires their engineers to be on the cutting edge of computer science. An internal education offering would help Twitter impart such knowledge to their engineers in a much meaningful way. Also, this would be better for everyone who wants to gain more knowledge about software engineering from Twitter’s perspective, when it opens up to the public. Twitter is built on open source tools and continues to contribute to the open source community. This could serve as an example for other companies who would like to usher in culture of learning in their organization.

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