Security Attacks On Government Websites Seem To Be Coming Down, Improved Standards Or Better Governance?

The Indian Government has always been one of the favorite targets for malicious hackers. However, the latest statistics suggest a reduction in the success experienced in the attempts to gain unlawful entry, within the protected areas of the official websites.


So far, about 78 Websites have been reported to have been successfully hacked-into confirmed Indian Computer Response Team (CERT-IN). Though this is a concern worthy number, it is way lower than the number of websites that fell prey to the ways of hackers last year. In 2012, a total of 371 websites were broken into. This number had increased from 308, a year earlier (2011). This pattern of increased interest of breaking the security and gaining illegal entry within official websites, seems to have come down significantly, suggests the considerably reduced number.

Have hackers really lost interest in breaking into official websites?

The answer is certainly not affirmative, and hence there is a requirement to be vigilant and train government officials to safely counteract this constant threat cautioned Jay Bavisi, Global President, EC-Council,

It is great to see that there is a small decline in the number of websites that were hacked as well as the number of security breaches as compared to 2012. However, the point is to quickly reach a point where the number is negligible especially where critical data of the government is concerned, and for this there needs to be an army of cyber warriors with apt training ready to ward of all attacks. We hope by next year the situation gets even better and stronger.”

International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) is a certification body for Information Security professionals. It is indeed a serious reminder about the need to have cyber-security personnel who are as skilled and hopefully better equipped to thwart the attempts to compromise security. Lowered number of successful attempts is one thing, but there could innumerable other attempts that might still be very active and India needs to beef up its cyber-security if it hopes to call itself a cyber-secure nation.

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