AdIQuity Launches $1 Million Fund For App Developers

AdIQuity, the mobile ad network has announced that they will be setting up a $1 million fund for app developers who use their monetization programs. The company says that this move will help promote and reward deserving app developers on their app performance.


The fund has 3 programs being offered to developers by the company.

1. Double your revenues

This program lets developers get the chance to get a bonus of $10000 in revenue in addition to the monetization earnings from using AdIQuity. Multiple apps can be added to this program in order to be eligible for the bonus. You need to use the AdIQuity SDK for atleast 6 months or make a minimum of $1000 in a 3 month duration.

2. Ads ‘N’velope

This program is tailored for those developers who want to get started with app monetization and want to do so with minimum efforts. If you sign up for this then you get the chance to get the chance to earn $5000 dollars of additional revenue provided you use it for 6 months.

3. Promote your apps for free

This program lets developers put out their app on the AdiQuity network for free. The only eligibility criteria is the use of the AdIQuity SDK. The company says that this is ideal for those developers who are looking to increase the downloads and reach of their apps.

You can get more information about these programs on their blog.

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