Amazon Experiments With New Verticals To Expand Its Online Business

Online e-Commerce player Amazon Inc. appears to be experimenting with new verticals to seek organic expansion of its business. While the first frontier is Art, it appears the company is even trying to come-up with a self-branded gaming console.


Amazon’s Fine Art & Collectibles section has been gaining exceptionally well traction owing to its novelty. While online buying and selling of art is nothing new, Amazon seems to have added mass-appeal to the concept. The virtual gallery seems to list art-works which range very broadly in prices some of which can be bought for as low as 200 Dollars, while the expensive ones have a price-tag in thousands.

Amazon has around 40,000 pieces to show from 150+ art dealers & galleries. Besides, it has support from over 4,500 artists, who can offer their works to a buyer for fixed prices too. Amazon has ensured its Art Section replicates the experience people get while being in a physical art gallery. Besides the standard advantages of filtering selection based on prices, artists, color, etc. potential buyers are treated with high quality images of the artworks & can gain additional information about the artists too.

The other segment Amazon is being rumored is a self-branded gaming console that could help the company sell content like games, videos, songs & other multimedia content that is tailored to fit on the screen & play through Amazon’s customized ecosystem. The gaming console, just like the Kindle, is expected to work on skinned version of Google’s Android.

e-Commerce seems to have stagnated as far as verticals are concerned. Multiple websites appear to be selling the same products with slightly varying price-tags. These players can only go as far as lowering prices or releasing coupon codes to avail discount. However, with these new verticals, Amazon has cleverly discovered new revenue streams & additionally opened its virtual doors for new and established artists alike. Let’s see how well these new segments perform.

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