Google Seeks Content For Television Via Internet

Search Giant Google is apparently trying to pave way to offer TV-Style broadcasting via internet. It seems the company is conducting a series of investigations about the possibilities & sources of content as well.


This time, the company is trying to beam premium & paid content. Since the advent of Direct To Home (DTH), the concept of Pay Per View (PPV) & selective content has taken strong roots. Almost each of Indian DTH companies have their own premium channels that need to be paid additional tariffs to be availed. Google seems to have adopted the content streaming technique of mass broadcast & has begun to even scout content providers for licensing.

Why not use YouTube for content?

Interestingly, Google owns one of the largest audio-visual content aggregation platforms; YouTube. The portal has been growing phenomenally & at the last count, over 100 Hours of content was being uploaded per minute. This makes the portal a very worthy candidate for Google TV. One might argue that large quantity of content on YouTube isn’t shot by professional publications or production houses. However, the company has been steadily adding ‘Channels’ that feature some of the best & all-time-favorite content from the companies like Walt Disney & others.

Despite the vast source, Google may be looking to undermine the present, every-day Television, content like Serials, Soap Operas, Reality TV & so on. Such content has a limited shelf-life, but it has a massive appeal to the common TV watching crowd.

Television via internet is not a new concept. In fact, many companies are seriously looking into developing this model into a viable revenue stream. Companies like Apple & even Intel have been developing their own versions for quite some time now. But Google has always tried to create products with mass-appeal.

What do you think is Google trying to accumulate for its TV?

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