Memory Timeline Preserving Portal Joognu Revamps UI

Web portals who offer to upload photos & have them printed & delivered, are multiple in number.  On the other hand, there are websites that inevitably record the finer moments in our lives. Giving the process of chronologically recording the multiple events & milestones in the lives of parents & kids, the website may have something unique to offer that clubs together the best features of both the categories of websites.

JOOGNU  Online Photo Album  Video Storage  Online Diary   More For Storing Your Child s Memories

What does the site offer? is a unique platform that allows parents to effortlessly maintain and store an online audio-visual journal of memories of their children’s growing years. This documentation of quality time spent, developing family values, has been pitched to last a lifetime.

The website’s creator clearly outlined his purpose, “With the intention to provide nothing but the best parenting support when it comes to preserving and enhancing emotional bonds, has led its research and development team to revamp the website with a whole new look from 10th of July, 2013 onwards” said Anirvan Dam, founder, Joognu.

The site seems to be a timeline generation platform that offers parents to record & upload the various facets, high-points, milestones, etc.  in the lives of their kids or grand-kids, in full multimedia.  With the revamp, the developers have attempted to simplify & categorize the content as per the age-groups. Additionally, there are some nifty categories like My Firsts, My Prayers, My Photos, My Videos, My Documents, My Diary and Weaver that add a sense of connection & bonding shared Anirvan.

Why undertake such an exercise?

The site presently is devoid of any monetization efforts suggesting that the creator might be interested in getting the platform sufficient traction & appeal to the parents to start chronicling the events of the kids online on a dedicated portal rather than doing the same , albeit relatively randomly, on other social portals like Facebook. Do give the site a visit & let us know your views.

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