India May Have More Software Developers Than The US By 2018

A report by Evans Data Corp. which focuses on software developer demographics across the world has found out that software developers in India are growing at a rapid pace and in 2018, we are projected to exceed the number of developers in the US. We know that India has traditionally had a strong technical workforce, as is evidenced by the growth of companies like Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahindra etc. over the years. However, the possibility that the number of developer overtaking that of the US (the software development mecca of the world) is a big deal, especially for the startup ecosystem in the country.


The report says that there are 18.2 million software developers globally at the present time. This number will rise to 26.4 million by 2019, the study estimates. This is a 45% increase in a field/expertise which is very recent compared to other professions and skills. As of now, the US has 3.6 million software developers while India has 2.7 million. The report states that by 2018, the number of Indian software developers will show a 90% increase compared to current trajectory of growth and hit the 5.2 million mark while the US is projected to increase by only 25% to 4.5 million software developers.

The reason for this projected increase is largely attributed to a rising middle class in a country which has a population of 1.2 billion people. Software engineers and developers are also in great demand due to the lure of a stable job and better prospects. India’s startup ecosystem has also taken off when it comes to tech and digital products and this increase in software developers might also give a great boost to the number of products that get built in the country. Throughout the last 2 decades, software development was done primarily as a consulting thing or an outsourced project. Writing software and creating digital products is now more relevant to India itself as many Indians are coming aboard the digital ship by way of mobile devices and mobile Internet.

While the report has speculations and predictions, it does seem that development is booming in the country and the future is ripe for a  new kind of software startups to take over from the old guard.

Full Report | Global Developer Population and Demographic Study 2013

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