OnMobile Launches Personal Safety App ‘Help Me’ For Android

OnMobile, a player in the VAS segment has announced the launch of an Android app which aims to provide solutions solutions during emergencies and other critical times. The app is called Help Me and is designed for provide safety to children, teens and senior citizens from untoward security problems and crime.

The application splits all crisis situations into two categories – ‘I am here’ and ‘I need help’. The app can serve a homing beacon for worried family and friends in addition to helping potential victims reach out to the concerned people and services. The app can send your location and your ‘panic alerts’ to a pre-approved set of people.


This somewhat dramatic video about Help Me will walk you through all of its features.

Even though the voiceover says that the app will work on mobile platforms, there is more clarity needed on this. Location generated without GPS will definitely not be precise and in a super crowded city, you can be off by miles. Location can be improved if you have a data connection coupled with WiFi but having WiFi at every other place is not realistic. I think the app’s developers need to leverage GPS functionality of modern smartphones in order to serve a precise location which could go the extra mile to make sure that help reaches on time.

The app has gotten many things right though. It is super simple to use and configure. The minimalism in the app is good and can be very helpful when you have no time to browse and search for functionality within the app. The one tap approach couple with Homescreen widget for Android, is a plus and would ideally make it very easy for a person to send out alerts to family and friends. That being said, the app should also integrate law enforcement and other emergency helpline and make them configurable so that users don’t raise false alarms.

The app is free to download on the Google Play Store and in time will be available on Symbian and Java platforms.

If you are on Android, I would recommend that you give this one a spin and let us know what you think.

Download Link | Help Me for Android

Website | Help Me

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