Foursquare Unveils Feature Phone App For Nokia S40 And Asha Devices

In a bid to target millions of feature phone users, Foursquare has launched app designed for Nokia’s popular S40 series phones, including the recently released Asha devices. Along with the new app, Foursquare also inked a deal with Nokia to come preloaded on new Asha devices when they hit the market in coming months.

Nokia foursquare

Foursquare does not require GPS to work with S40 phones and hence users can use the app seamlessly on their basic feature phone.“Hundreds of millions of people around the world use Nokia S40 phones, and now they’ll all have access to Foursquare. Now, all those people can use Foursquare to make the most of where they are and where they’re going”,  the company writes in the blog post.

Social networks have realized the power of feature phones and are launching apps for millions of these users. Facebook already runs on all basic phones and Twitter has it mobile site.

Foursquare recently updated its Android and iOS apps. Location based services which are an important part of the mobile and internet ecosystem has potential to become $2-$5 billionHoppr and Mojostreet are other homegrown services which are gradually gaining pace.Users can download the app from here.

Source |  venturebeat

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