HT Media’s Mobile Division Buys Digital Marketing Agency Webitude

HT Mobile Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of HT Media Ltd, a Media & Content conglomerate, has bought digital marketing agency Webitude. Though the monetary value of the deal hasn’t been openly declared, the new acquisition will apparently bolster HT Media’s Social Media centric activities. Webitude is an established marketing agency with clear focus on the Virtual Canvas & Social Media. The company offers end to end digital marketing solution that includes, but is not limited to digital media planning and buying, social media marketing, social application development and deployment and Online reputation management. Additionally, the company also has a Big Data analysis wing that attempts to augment the marketing agencies with specific numbers to realign their strategies.


Why is HT Media’s Mobile Solution division interested?

Being a digital marketing agency, Webitude certainly has a considerable appeal for a Media House shared Vinish Kathuria, Chief Operating Officer, HT Mobile, “As a media house, the HT group is also now well-positioned to offer advertisers not only the large reach of media like print and radio, but also the engagement possibilities of mobile and social media,”.

So essentially, the company may come in handy for acquiring customers who are keen to advertise through HT Media’s content portals & publications, while Webitude’s professional team could easily accelerate advertising initiatives of the content house while at the same time the acquired company’s customers would now be added to HT Media tally.

Perhaps the simplest clarification about the intention behind the purchase was offered by Rajesh Lalwani, founder and principal, Blogworks, “To scale up such skills is not easy for traditional media houses. It is a question of staying relevant and one of the quickest ways to achieve integration is by acquiring a social media agency

Digital Media is undoubtedly forming an indivisible component of any marketing campaign. Companies are making more funds available for digital endeavors apart from traditional avenues. Under such favorable conditions it is natural for media houses to consider having dedicated agencies, so that they can offer a holistic campaign spanning multiple platforms. What do you think?

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